What Is Hydromulching?

Learn about our hydromulching services for clients in Salado, Belton, and Austin, TX

Hydromulching, also known as hydroseeding, involves spraying a slurry of water, seeds and mulch onto a landscape to restore grass growth and prevent erosion. We us 100% wood fiber mulchIt's more effective than sod installation. If you have bare patches on your lawn because of landscape erosion, hydromulching services may be the solution to your problem.

Texas Hydroseeding & Erosion Control is a trusted hydroseeding contractor in the Salado, Belton, and Austin, TX areas. We can hydroseed residential and commercial properties.

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What are your hydromulching options?

When arranging for hydromulching services, you'll have to choose the grass seed mix that works best for your property. We offer:

Shade grasses-these work best for areas without a lot of sunlight
Native grasses-these don't require any maintenance after they germinate
Grazing mix-this option is best for properties with livestock, such as cows or horses

Bermuda Seeds - We can do other grass too! Just ask!

We also have a pond and tank mix. With our help, your property will have lush, green grass again in no time.

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