Give Your Hydromulching Service a Boost

We install Curlex erosion control blankets in Salado, Belton, and Austin, TX

If your property is on a hill or slope, it may be more difficult to prevent erosion. Luckily, Texas Hydroseeding & Erosion Control knows how to make our hydromulching services even more effective. By laying Curlex erosion control blankets on your lawn in Salado, Belton, or Austin, TX, we can ensure that our hydroseeding treatment stays in place until new grass sprouts.

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Curlex erosion control blankets

Discover the benefits of Curlex erosion control blankets

Curlex erosion control blankets create the ideal growing conditions for grass seed, but that isn't the only benefit they offer. We use Curlex Blankets for mild to moderate slopes with risks of washing out the material. This protects your investment of the hydromulch!These blankets...

Keep birds from eating your grass seed
Protect your slopes from wind and water erosion
Can be installed on properties of all shapes and sizes

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